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A Serious Wake-Up Call From a Doctor Motivated This Guy to Lose 210 Pounds

“I’ve been obese my whole life, ever since I was a kid,” says Jeancarlo, 40. “I’ve always known food was an addiction; I realized that I was never able to maintain a normal eating habit.” In a recent episode of Truly’s Brand New Me transformation series, Jeancarlo speaks about his experiences of obesity, and how… Read More »

Covid vaccine skepticism will prevent U.S. from reaching normalcy, ICU doctor says

A new poll found that 49% of Republican men said they won’t get vaccinated for Covid-19 and Dr. Vin Gupta said that “will determine the trajectory of this pandemic” to the detriment of all Americans. “All forecasts right now say that we’re going to be past the worst of this with normalcy by say end… Read More »

Doctor, hospital groups have created a roadmap for keeping essential surgeries during a COVID-19 surge

The recent resurgence of COVID-19 has many states near or at bed and intensive care unit capacity, and healthcare facilities’ ability to meet the ongoing needs of surgical patients may be stressed by new influxes of coronavirus patients admitted to healthcare facilities. To ensure healthcare organizations, physicians and nurses remain prepared to meet these demands… Read More »