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What are the UK’s FOUR COVID vaccine deals? JVT explains – ‘Up to 350m doses’

“That was the subject of the Pfizer announcement on Monday. These vaccines essentially send a coded message to the immune system to tell it to make COVID antibodies. “There are the adenoviral vector vaccines. These insert the COVID spike protein – these are the key antigen, the key protein which allows humans to recognise the… Read More »

Lost in the Pfizer press release that vaccine is 90% effective: ‘Percentage may vary’

Article content continued “I just want to see the evidence.” Canada has bought the rights to 20 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. Ottawa, hedging its bets, has also signed pre-order agreements with Quebec-based Medicago, Moderna and other companies for up to 358 million doses of different vaccine candidates. A federal advisory committee has recommended those… Read More »

Trinity Professor of Immunology launches vaccine video rap to save lives

One of Ireland’s leading scientists in the field of immunology at Trinity College Dublin has launched a Vaccines Save Lives video-based campaign. Taking her youngest daughter to get her scheduled vaccines in the midst of the COVID-19 world pandemic prompted the Professor in Immunology to take a personal stance on the importance of protecting our… Read More »