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What does reams diet mean

Sugars in the Urine – refractometer or brix meter Salt content of the Urine – conductivity meter Lemon juice may burn too much once a digestive ulcer has its crusting cleaned by it. Remember this is all about ‘energy’. So I was looking for clues to answers for the following questions: Why would the body… Read More »

What diet increases inflammation

Inflammation appears to play a role in cardiovascular disease, but research suggests that the Mediterranean diet, with its focus on plant-based foods and healthful increases, can reduce the effects of inflammation on the cardiovascular system. The good news: Foods that are anti-inflammatory tend to be what same foods that can help keep you healthy in… Read More »

What is a triceratops diet

This variation is unsurprising, given that Triceratops skulls are large three-dimensional objects, coming from individuals of different ages and both sexes, and which were subjected to different amounts and directions of pressure during fossilization. Triceratops were herbivorous, and because of their low slung head, their primary food was probably low growing vegetation, although they may… Read More »