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Can Humidifiers Help Prevent COVID?

Controlling the humidity level in your home, or even simply in your bedroom while you sleep, may lower your risk of contracting infectious diseases like influenza, colds or possibly even COVID-19 during the winter months.1 Humidity is an often overlooked factor in the spread of viruses, which become more transmissible in cold, dry winter climates.… Read More »

How Exercise Helps To Prevent Dementia

Countless studies have demonstrated the benefits of physical exercise for preventing cognitive impairment and dementia as we get older. This study explores how brain metabolism is affected by exercise.[1] To get a better understanding of how physical activity positively influences the brain, sports physicians and gerontologists recruited 60 participants between the ages of 65 and… Read More »

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Prevent Depression Recurrence

Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as maintenance antidepressant medication for preventing depression recurrence or relapse in individuals who have had successful depression treatment. According to the study authors, recurrence and relapse following recovery from major depression are typical outcomes that come with tremendous familial, personal and societal costs. The existing… Read More »