Jennifer O: Exceptionally Talented Yoga Expert mantra for life “Yoga is a Journey and it is For Everyone”

By | June 23, 2021
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Jennifer Ohlsson is a yoga expert, yoga trainer, an accomplished model. She is based at New York, US. Her yoga journey started with a VHS tape by Rodney Yee and a few classes and then a friend asked her to come to a hot yoga class in 2002 on attending the same and bending and stretching she felt the sense of peace, an inner calm.

She is born in Sweden, but with 19 plus years in New York City, she has been working as a model since she was 14. She loves her job, to travel, meet people, and never knowing where it will take her next! She says “Practicing yoga is what helps her to stay healthy, grounded, and strong, mentally and physically”.

Her hot yoga has become her treat. The time on the mat, is her little “get away” in New York City. It was quiet and peaceful and her overloaded and overwhelmed senses could relax, especially after a long flight, or a long week of shooting -She says “Her body and my mind needed it”! She has been exploring different styles of yoga, and having tried to get each one to practice. In 2015 she travelled to Cahuita, Costa Rica, for a 200hr Yoga teacher training, with the Marianne Wells Yoga School (RYS). She says “It was humbling, scary and intense, but life changing”!

In 2019 she went to Bali to study 100hrs YTT, with Marianne Wells Yoga School, with focus on alignment and adjustment. She continued to grow for both herself and what she teaches. She says “Yoga is a journey after all and it is for everyone”! She adds “Yoga is something that brings me so much happiness, health and harmony. We all deserve to live our lives in the most blissful state! Yoga is an amazing awakening, a tool to letting go but yet soaking it in”!

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Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Jennifer O with Sweden Models Agency, an exceptionally talented Yoga Expert and Model, here she talks about her workout, yoga, diet, beauty secrets, and mantra for life.

Namita Nayyar:

Your first experience with Yoga at a personal level?

Jennifer O:

I remember as early as in my teenage years being interested in yoga and having a VHS tape with Rodney Yee Yoga class I would take in my living room. At 14 I started to model and eventually at 18 years old modeling brought me New York City. After 9/11, it was a time filled with such stress and anxiety in the city and it was then I really craved yoga and started to practice regularly at studios around the city.

Namita Nayyar:

Five factors that led you towards becoming a yoga instructor in 2015? Five reasons everyone should practice yoga.

Jennifer O:

  • Yoga has helped me a lot with easing back pain that probably came from both being 6ft tall and then flying constantly for model jobs. It is when practiced right so healthy for the spine and a great way to build strength around it.
  • It helps to elongate our muscles to find more flexibility. Not that touching our toes has to the goal but it’s nice to stay flexible through life and it is great for keeping our joints healthy.
  • Yoga is a moving meditation, and it is such a gift and a way of honoring life to be fully present. It calms wandering minds and helps to find inner stillness. I really believe that finding peace inside is finding peace around.
  • It is a very mindful practice and way to move. We live a lot in our heads but there is a whole-body there to tune in to. When you practice yoga, you practice balance and focus and will start to notice all the micro-movements within your body.
  • You really need no equipment and it is an easy practice to do just about anywhere.
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