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High fat diet blood osmolalit

Author contributions: M. High salt intake is common in Western diets and likely contributes to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Recently high salt intake has also been found to both be associated and predict the development of obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. Here we show that high-salt diet activates the aldose reductase polyol pathway in… Read More »

Judges slam J&J’s ‘reprehensible’ talc defense, cut massive 2018 verdict to $2.11B

For years, Johnson & Johnson has vowed to appeal each talc verdict it lost, and the company cited a “fundamentally unfair process” and “multiple errors” when jurors in St. Louis ordered the company to pay $ 4.69 billion to 22 women with ovarian cancer.  Now, an appeals court has reduced that award—but only to $ 2.11 billion, thanks to J&J’s “outrageous” and “reprehensible” defense of the product.… Read More »

Why is diet coke so addictive

Today I was out of DC and it was addictive with my day…Not good! It derails every attempt you make to eat healthily. The researchers why this is because our bloodstream is able to absorb artificial sweetener more quickly than sugar. So, my carbonation loving friends, here is mine. And diet on waiting coke long… Read More »

What Foods Destroy Testosterone?

Avoid these 5 foods that destroy testosterone. Hormonal balance is an important part of maintaining healthy energy, and testosterone is a sex hormone that is key for both men and women. There are many factors that can influence your testosterone levels, including weight, diet, lifestyle, and age. Are you wondering what foods destroy testosterone? Keep… Read More »