Remembering Ronnie Cummins – Organic Consumers Association

By | May 22, 2023

Ronnie Cummins, who tragically passed away April 26, 2023,1 was the undisputed leader in the regenerative food and farming movement for over two decades. During that time, we turned the tide against chemical agriculture and forced more transparency in our food systems.

Ronnie was a founding member of Health Liberty, along with Barbara Loe Fisher at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). We partnered back in 2011 and started the funding to gather signatures in California’s Proposition 37 to label GMOs at a time when fewer than 5% of Americans realized such a thing even existed.

Ronnie captured the essence of The Rebel Teddy Bear, a benevolent radical like we have never seen before. He was always feisty and dedicated to a clear vision and mission. We were also fortunate enough to co-author “The Truth About COVID-19,” which became the top-selling book on Amazon in the midst of the plandemic disaster.

Ronnie was full of humility and smiles, and was a great inspirational speaker as well as a wealth of knowledge. Ronnie said he felt tapped into a spiritual force, and could recognize and connect others he called “live wires” into this stream of consciousness.

That force gave him positivity even while there were battles that became repetitive and nearly impossible to overcome. Ronnie was relentless and happy and, more than anything else, he was fun and inspirational to be around. He is a legend whose legacy we can proudly carry forward.

We never took his time for granted and recognized he may have had the single most significant impact in growing the organic food movement and slowing the poisoning by the chemical agriculture industry.

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If you can, please contribute to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) or Regeneration International (RI) in his honor, and we will match any donations over the next week.

This was Dr. Mercola’s and Ronnie’s last interview together from earlier in 2023.

The biggest discovery is starting a revolution. Here are some of Ronnie’s tributes:

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