5 Yoga Props to Take Your Practice to a Higher Level

By | September 19, 2020

Simple yet effective, yoga props help you transform yoga practice. They come in a variety of options from blocks, to cushions, straps and wheels, they are extremely useful and even assist in the development of Pilates practice.


Try These Yoga Props for High Level Performance

Yoga Block


The building block of all props. Yoga blocks represent length, stability, grounding and comfort. For people who need that extra few inches to connect your fingers to the mat, use the block to help find length and stability. The block is great for finding length in Trikonasana (triangle pose) and Parsvokonasana (Side Angle). Blocks are also great to use as a seat in Malasana (Garland pose) or Virasana (Hero pose). Use the block in seated postures to alleviate any tension or discomfort on the knees.

Yoga Strap


Yoga strap can help and enhance arm binds, heart opening postures, and even inversions. By using the strap, one can lengthen the limbs so that as to create the bind without fingers or hands having to connect. Rest assured, if you keep using the strap to open and lengthen throughout your practice, one day, you can get that bind.

Postures where the strap can help are Gomukasana (cow face) arms and straight arms with hands clasped behind the back. They are great in aiding with handstands and backbends as well such as Natarajasana (Dancers pose) and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (king pigeon).

Yoga Mat


Finding a mat that works with you is essential to your practice. We highly recommend that you opt for one that has is ant-skid, has grippy surface, porous so it’s easy to clean, made of natural biodegradable rubber.

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Yoga Wheel


The yoga wheel is great for chest opening and back flexibility. Lay your back on the wheel for 5-10 minutes a day to open your chest and improve your flexibility. It also feels great after core exercises, allowing the belly to stretch. If you’re not yet comfortable in back bends, or you want to try more challenging poses, the wheel is especially for you.

The wheel does add a level of support and balance to difficult poses and massages your spine so you might want to try one anyway. The main difference between a wheel and block is that the wheel is designed to trace the curvature of your spine during back-bends and encourage your chest, shoulders and hip flexors to open up.

Yoga Pads

They are mini mats you can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give the comfort, stability and grip you need for your Yoga practice. They are a great addition to our full size Yoga Mats and Travel Yoga Mats. They are available in a number of colours and styles – mirroring our core and special edition mats.

Yoga props can change even the most advanced asanas into something more.

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