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Bad Medicine Is Worse Than No Medicine – Scientific American

At a restaurant industry executive event a little while ago, President Donald Trump stated that he was taking hydroxychloroquine or “the hydroxy” as he called it, in an effort to prevent COVID-19 infection. He also said many frontline workers—presumably referring to nurses, doctors and emergency medical technicians—were also taking the drug. Over the last few… Read More »

Personalization, Prediction and Prevention Drive the “Second Transformation of Medicine” – BioSpace

“The pandemic is a wake-up call to humanity to understand the perils of not appreciating the importance of health and healthcare,” said Ralph Snyderman, once dubbed “the father of personalized medicine,” and chancellor emeritus, Duke University, said during Demy-Colton’s first virtual salon, “The Future of Healthcare: Innovation, Change and Urgency.” He believes it will usher… Read More »