Hoptroff calls for recognition of the potential vulnerabilities of GNSS with launch of Roundtable Event

By | February 28, 2023

London 28th February 2023: Hoptroff, the global timing solutions provider offering resilient, traceable and precise time to enterprise businesses, today announces its thought – leadership industry roundtable event. The event will explore the impact of escalating GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) vulnerabilities to business continuity and how organisations can best protect business-critical operations.

The GNSS has become ubiquitous in modern society and plays an essential role in numerous industries including transportation, broadcast media and global financial services. However, GNSS and GPS are vulnerable to various types of interference and cyber-attacks that can have a detrimental impact on the trust, resilience, and accuracy of GNSS based systems.

“Businesses and financial institutions need to accept and start planning how they are going to mitigate the risks associated with GNSS,” said Tim Richards, CEO at Hoptroff. “This livestream roundtable will allow business and financial institutional decision-makers to better understand the impact and disruption GNSS vulnerabilities can have on their bottom line and why they need to act now.”

The livestream roundtable will be moderated by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, US Department of Transportation, Dr Robert Hampshire. The roundtable is an opportunity for those in the financial and business sector to learn more about the status of GPS, the growing potential risks from increased jamming, spoofing and cyber-attacks, what disruption looks like and the new technologies that are available providing complementary PNT technologies to help mitigate risk.

“GNSS vulnerabilities create serious consequences for critical infrastructure,” said Richard Hoptroff, Founder and Chief Time Officer at Hoptroff. “To effectively mitigate these threats, complementary PNT solutions need to be deployed”.

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The livestream roundtable will be held on Tuesday 21st of March 2023 at 07:00 PDT, (10:00 EDT & 14:00 GMT). Speakers at the roundtable event include:

  • Dr Robert Hampshire – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, US Department of Transportation
  • Diana Furchtgott – Roth – Heritage Foundation and George Washington University
  • Judah Levine – Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Karen Van Dyke – Director for PNT, US Department of Transportation
  • Steve Suarez – Global Head of Innovation, Financial Services
  • Kathryn Condello – Sr Director, National Security/ Emergency Preparedness, Lumen Technologies
  • Richard Hoptroff – Founder and Chief Time Officer, Hoptroff

Areas of discussion at the roundtable include:

  • The rising GNSS vulnerabilities and the potential consequences of GNSS disruption such as service outages, errors, or inaccuracies
  • Example use cases where GNSS vulnerabilities can have a significant impact on your business continuity
  • How to enable new resilient complementary technologies for your disaster recovery plans
  • How to start utilising these technologies today in your real-life applications such as precision timing for global financial services
  • Practical advice for businesses on reducing GNSS risk in financial transactions, fraud detection, compliance and data integrity

To attend the ‘GNSS the time is up’ livestream roundtable, sign up here. https://www.hoptroff.com/business-continuity-planning-gnss-vulnerabilities

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About Hoptroff
Hoptroff provides plug-and-play software solutions that deliver precision timing and time synchronisation for businesses worldwide. Our advanced technologies ensure business leaders meet compliance obligations, improve operational efficiency, and minimise costs while reducing risk and ensuring business continuity.

To ensure maximum resilience, security, and accuracy, our core time feed is direct from official UTC time sources, including NIST and RISE, and delivered over secure terrestrial networks. This eliminates the risk of jamming, spoofing, intrusion and interference from solar weather.

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The network-delivered solution supports multiple industries globally, including financial services, media and broadcasting, gaming, internet of things, e-commerce, and distributed ledger technology. Our software is highly resilient, secure, verified, auditable, cost-effective and easy to install, use, scale and maintain. It provides the highest level of compliance, security, and accuracy, ensuring seamless business operations and effective risk management for the future.

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