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These Bodybuilders Tried to Replicate Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder Workout

Chris Hemsworth has been rocking the physique worthy of a Norse god for going on a decade now, but the Australian actor started training harder than ever before ahead of filming Marvel Studios’ superhero sequel Thor: Love and Thunder—and has been proudly showing off his jacked arms on Instagram. Inspired by Hemsworth’s recent bicep gains,… Read More »

Natalie Portman Is Going to “Get Jacked” For Thor: Love & Thunder

Natalie Portman has opened up about her physical preparation for MCU blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder. The Oscar-winning actress will transform into the Mighty Thor for returning director Taika Waititi, following a number of lackluster appearances as the God of Thunder’s romantic interest Jane Foster. To convincingly wield the mythological weapon Mjolnir, she’ll need to… Read More »