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Don’t Exercise at This Time of Day if You Want to Live Longer

Exercise is a foundational pillar of optimal health and disease prevention. A paper1 released in November 2022 found an association between the time of day that you exercise and the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke. Siim Land, an esteemed biohacker and author of “Metabolic Autophagy,” explains in this video that the data indicated… Read More »

Have hearing loss? Here’s why you may want to try auditory training

Sound comes to you through your ears, but it’s your brain that makes those sounds meaningful to you. If you have hearing loss, hearing aids and other devices will amplify sounds to make it easier to hear. However, your brain may still be struggling to interpret what you’re hearing, especially if you have age-related hearing loss.  … Read More »

What if i dont want a healthy diet

Once we get good at those small changes, we can take a gradual approach to dealing with the bigger problems. And if you’re craving something savoury, eating a few nuts, olives or cubes of cheese will be more beneficial for your body than chewing a piece of gum. These may have gotten a bad reputation… Read More »