Family Friendly Easter Trivia

By | April 6, 2021

Easter was one of my favorite holidays on many levels growing up. Mainly because of my family always gathered together for a meal and hunting for eggs. Or maybe because my mom always made sure we had a brand spanking new outfit every Easter growing up. Maybe it was the deviled eggs? The traditions of Easter celebrations run deep in my memories.

I don’t think I really ever understood what all of these traditions meant though, so I created this fun Easter trivia game for the whole family!

It’s always fun to learn about existing traditions, whether you participate in Easter or not. Here are a few fun little Easter Trivia questions and facts you can ask after the egg hunt, or around the breakfast nook:

  1. What was the main course for Easter originally?  Lamb or Ham
  2. True OR False? Americans eat over a million Peeps on Easter
  3. True OR False? The Pretzel used to be an Easter Symbol
  4. What was the true meaning behind Easter eggs?
    1. Symbolizes Wealth
    2. Fertility
    3. To Eat
  5. True OR False? Easter Eggs are dyed to symbolize the blood of Christ
  6. True OR False? Easter Candy sales are one of the highest in the entire year


  1. Historically, most early Easter celebrants would have eaten lamb for this special occasion as the holiday has its roots in Jewish Passover. Most American Easter dinners now feature ham, however, because of the timing of the holiday. Years ago, hams cured over the winter months would have been ready to serve in the early spring.
  1. TRUE That makes these colorful marshmallows the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy. The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, factory makes an impressive 5.5 million a day.
  1. TRUE  Why? Because the twists of this salty treat resemble arms crossing in prayer. We say it’s time to bring back this savory snack to the sweets-filled holiday.
  1. There’s evidence showing that Easter eggs originated from Medieval Europe and Christians may not have actually been the ones to start the tradition of giving eggs — a symbol of fertility and rebirth in many cultures.
  1. TRUE  Well, at least that might be one of the reasons, which stems from early Christians in Mesopotamia There isn’t a concrete reason behind the tradition, but there are several theories.
  2. FALSE  The two holidays of Halloween and Easter are always going head-to-head to have the most candy sales, usually coming close to each other. In fact, some years people buy more candy the week before Easter than the week before Halloween, but that’s because Halloween purchases are more spread out over the month leading up to the spooky night.
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