Dying COVID-19 patient begs to see wife

By | January 27, 2021

A dying COVID-19 patient desperately begged to see his wife again, just hours before losing his battle against the disease.

Tony Brown, 73, died in Barnet Hospital, London, after spending weeks in hospital hooked up to a ventilator.

On Thursday the bread delivery man told Sky News he had not seen his wife Linda in a fortnight.

“Absolutely terrible. It’s very, very frightening,” he said.

“I‘ve had some very bad nights, very worrying nights.

“Twice I went to ring my wife, to tell her I weren‘t coming back. It is very hard. Oh I miss her. I really miss her.

“But I hope to one day. Hopefully, I will. That’s all I want now. I don’t want anything else in life.”

Mr Brown believed he had caught the virus while at work and blamed people for not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing.

He said: “If people would have taken a lot more care when this come out and hadn’t ignored it, we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

“We wouldn‘t have had so many deaths, so many people who are critically ill. And the NHS are fantastic, brilliant.

“We just all hope that we will live, and come out of it.”

By Friday Mr Brown had died, but had managed to speak to his wife over the phone.

Yesterday a record 4000 Brits were fighting for their lives on ventilators amid fears that the COVID-19 death rate could grow even further.

More people are using ventilators now – 4076 – than during the peak of the first wave of the virus last year.

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UK COVID-19 deaths grew by 610 but cases have dropped by 22 per cent in a week, with 30,004 new infections yesterday.

The drop in cases continues a downward trend since the latest lockdown was introduced, but deaths have risen 11 per cent in the last week.

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