This 15-Minute Bodyweight Burner Workout Gets You Hopping

By | March 10, 2021

While the Covid-19 pandemic has halted the cadence of everyday life for just about everyone, the world is now beginning to adjust. We’re all handling the challenges of social distancing and self-isolation differently—but that doesn’t mean that we have to go it completely alone in every sense.

At Men’s Health, we’re using this period as an opportunity to build up our community and share as much useful, positive information as possible. For everyone stuck missing their typical workout routines with gyms and fitness centers closed down, we’ve done our best to provide as many at-home workout options as possible. But that’s just the start. We’re also hosting live workout sessions on Instagram with some of our favorite trainers to fill the fitness class-shaped void in your daily routine.

David Freeman, National Digital Performer Brand Manager of Life Time’s Alpha program, hosted the most recent session. This strength interval workout, which will challenge you to use your muscles and work as hard as possible in short bursts of effort, switches up the routine. Usually, Freeman uses kettlebells in his training. Since he’s traveling today, however, the exercises will all be performed using bodyweight.

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You’ll use a 2 to 1 work to rest ratio to pack a ton of work into a short time frame. Rather than swinging weight around, a staple in Freeman’s programming, you’ll find yourself hopping to hone your fitness and plyometric power. Don’t dismiss the exercises before you try the workout—you’ll absolutely end it sweaty, with a hammering heart rate.

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David Freeman’s Bodyweight Hop Workout

Active Warmup

  • Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

    5 reps per leg

    • Arm Across Stretch to Shoulder Open
      • Walkout to Press Back

        5 reps

        • Bodyweight Squats

          10 reps

          The Workout

          Perform each exercise for 12 to 15 reps or 30 seconds, whichever comes first (just don’t compromise on form). Then, rest for 15 seconds. Repeat for 5 total rounds.

          • Reverse Lunge to Hop (R)
          • Reverse Lunge to Hop (L)
          • Pushup to Reach
          • Frog Hops

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