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Does diet affect tinnitus

Dyslipidemia and auditory function. Higher intake of lipids, carbohydrates, and sugars is typically tinnnitus with poorer hearing. Nutrients ;10 10 :E Both raw affect intake and nutrient and hearing loss does go in energy intake were analyzed from our consumer-reviewed directory who can find out tinnitus your. In three observational studies, higher caffeine diet was… Read More »

Can diet coke affect mood

Ice Screaming! While Chinese takeout is not directly mentioned, it is a prime candidate for a high fat, sugar, and salty dish, and Cynthia Sass, registered dietician, explained over interview with Shape that such components to meals can wreak havoc on mood levels and energy. Because there are foods that mess with our moods, diet… Read More »

Does Testicle Size Matter and Can It Affect Your Sex Life? Few Things You Must Know for Orgasmic Climax

A user on Reddit happened to ask whether testicle size matters to women or no. She happened to meet a guy who apparently had testicles big enough and that she had great sex with him. While we’ve often heard of stories that claim that the bigger the penis the better, is it the same with… Read More »