Keto and eyesight low carb diet improves eyesight

By | July 6, 2020

keto and eyesight low carb diet improves eyesight

Keto Diet Blog. The evidence is now well and truly in — the keto diet is about the best way existence to get sustained long-term weight loss. But there is also no denying that, along with the weight loss, there are some side effects to keto. In fact, there is even a name for those keto side effects — keto flu. One side effect of the keto diet is blurred vision. While not as common as some of the other side effects of going on the low carb keto diet, blurred vision is a serious concern, as should be anything that affects the eyes.

What About Supplements? Keto Diet Blog. But low-carb diets benefit you in many other ways. Add two tablespoons of Triphala powder in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Haritaki is used to ekto good health of the eyes in keto blurred vision cases. Low-pressure glaucoma, or normal tension glaucoma, is also challenging to detect. Triglycerides are fat molecules.

The Ketogenic Diet has many health benefits, But did you know it can help protect your eyesight? High in fat, low on protein and carbohydrates can help protect the vision of those with glaucoma. Higher rates of glaucoma in people with diabetes suggests a potential connection between this eye disease and metabolic stress. The findings led by Denise Inman from the Northeast Ohio Medical University in the US showed that low carb, high fat diet protects retina cells and their connections to the brain from degeneration. This can result in vision loss and in extreme cases, it can result in blindness. Glaucoma is more prevalent in diabetics; this points towards a serious connection between Glaucoma and metabolic stress. Glaucoma is challenging to diagnose because it usually develops slowly and painlessly. Low-pressure glaucoma, or normal tension glaucoma, is also challenging to detect. Patients can experience vision loss even when eye pressure remains within reasonable limits.

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