Hill science diet recall cat food

By | October 14, 2020

hill science diet recall cat food

And some dogs were dying. No one could comprehend how something — as innocent as a vitamin — could be so deadly. It started as most recalls do with a single complaint. The recall was crafted so as not to create undue alarm, emphasizing the recall is voluntary, not mandatory. Pet parents are grief-stricken. Veterinarians feel angry and betrayed. But she kindly took my information, and asked for permission to speak to my vet and gave me a promise to send me a packet of information.

The FDA issues a warning letter when it finds that a manufacturer has significantly violated agency regulations. The letter makes clear that the company must correct the problem and provides directions and a time frame for the company to inform FDA of its plans to correct any concerns. The recall started in January last year and eventually expanded to include additional products and product lots in the spring. Overall, the recalls affected slightly more than 1 million cases of dog food, or nearly 22 million cans. No dry foods, cat foods, or treats were affected by the recall. The vitamin D levels in tested lots of recalled products were more than 33 times the recommended safe upper limit. No vitamin premix is accepted at our plants without a Certificate of Analysis that confirms it has been properly formulated. We are committed to earning the trust of pet parents and to safeguarding the quality of our products. In March, Hill’s expands canned dog food recall.

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