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By | May 21, 2021


[CRAIG MACE Operational Supervisor, Regional Transport] Given the situation with the pipeline. We had a need, a critical need for gasoline and diesel fuel due to the shortage in the gas stations here in western North Carolina to be able to perform our operation of caring for and transporting patients.

[BRIAN LEDERBRAND, Bulk Fuel Transporter, Taylorville, Illinois] My supervisor sent me down. I left Tuesday at 4 pm and drove all night, got down here yesterday morning and started pumping out gas.

[JESSICA WALLACE, RN, Home Health Nurse, CarePartners Rehabilitation] My name is Jessica Wallace. I’m a home health nurse for CarePartners. I see probably seven, eight patients a day. So I, on Wednesday, was not sure how my week was going to go, if I was going to be able to see patients at all, and then we got notified that HCA was providing us with gas. So, without this service I wouldn’t have gas. I wouldn’t be able to see my patients. and several of them have to be seen three times a week, or they’d have to go to the ER. I’m very thankful that HCA has provided this gas service for us. We absolutely have to have it to drive to go see our patients who need to see us. So it’s a lifesaver for me and my patients.

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