New mobile infrared heater launched by ARC Thermal: slashes home and office heating bills

By | November 4, 2022

The new LAVA® STAND mobile infrared heater slashes home and office heating bills as running costs are only 10p per hour (based on £0.34/kWh). This contrasts with 68p an hour for a 2kW fan heater or about £2.47 to heat a typical three-bedroom house for an hour with gas central heating.

If working from home, in a three-bedroom house, the heating cost would be circa £9.90 a day (central heating on for 4 hours between 09:00-17:00). In comparison, using a LAVA® STAND would cost circa £0.40, giving a typical saving of £9.50 a day. In 45 days the savings from using the LAVA® STAND would have paid for itself.

The Austrian manufactured LAVA® STAND has a five-year warranty as standard and a 180 day money back guarantee. No maintenance is required. The LAVA® STAND is available exclusively in the UK from ARC Thermal.

The infrared panel is only 22mm thick. Its elegant white design blends into any room. The integrated controls are easy to use. The new LAVA® STAND is one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep heating bills down in the home or the office.

Infrared heat is like the gentle warmth of the sun and it requires less heat output than other heating systems, whilst also having a quick heating-up time. Find out more:

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